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    I've posted this on the Bugs and Problems thread but the subject keeps changing. I really hope someone has a fix for this!

    Both my dad and me are getting calls failed on Vodafone UK. Have both been to Apple store and had iPhones replaced and both have new SIM cards from carrier.

    Following the advice from a genius we both set up the phone as new devices but still having problem. This happens when we both have a full signal on 2g or 3g and when connected/not connected to Wi-Fi. Halfway through the call the signal will just go completely and will fail, we are then unable to retry for around 30 seconds whilst the signal is recovering.

    So far today I have had 11 call failed from friends on Vodafone UK and on other networks so it has to be something local to the phone which we both have in common..... you would think!

    We only have 4 apps in common..... Met Office (weather app), Highways Agency (traffic info), My Vodafone (carrier info) and Natwest (Mobile banking). I have removed all the apps and am still getting the problem which suggests it's not the apps.

    We both have mulitple email accounts set up and various email methods. I have IMAP, POP and Exchange whilst he has IMAPx2 POP and Exchange. I have taken ALL my email accounts off and STILL have the problem.

    Neither of us use Facetime but we have switched it on/off with no effect!

    Does anyone have any idea at all! I'm loosing business because of this. I shouldn't have to use my iPhone without emails or the apps I want just to keep a phone call going! Surely there are others who use the same combination of apps/emails as we do!

    I've also tried with NO personal data at all and have restored around 10 times.

    Thanks for any advise at all. Really getting desparate now. I love my iPhone but can't continue with it if this keeps happening!

    iPhone 4 16gb
    iOS 4.2.1
    Vodafone UK 9.0
    Modem: 03.10.01
    12-03-2010 05:50 AM
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    What did the carrier say?
    12-03-2010 07:58 AM
  3. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    No network issues in the area (i saw his report to confirm this). They changed to a new Micro SIM for both of us. Did a manual roam to another network, reboot, then roam back to Vodafone to get a fresh connection to the cell. Other than that they said device issue.
    12-03-2010 08:22 AM
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    Does it work anywhere?
    12-03-2010 09:01 AM
  5. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    we get the problem everywhere. Was in London (300 miles away from home) and still had the problem
    12-03-2010 09:04 AM
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    I honestly thing it's an issue with your carriers network. Unless you have both been unlucky to get replaced with bad phones. I had a co-worker who had an iPhone 4 on a seperate carrier and in our office his is beside mine I get full bars while on every floor of our building co-worker gets no signal to 1 bar switching. You definately should be able to use your phone with emails, facetime and all the features you've turned off they are there for a reason. Is your phone unlocked, locked to the carrier?
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    12-03-2010 10:28 AM
  7. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    bought the iPhone SIM free from Apple so not locked to any carrier.

    I think I understand where that question is leading and I will try the phone with a SIM from a different carrier and report back to you.

    12-03-2010 10:55 AM
  8. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    nope.... same problem!
    12-04-2010 07:26 AM
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    yes you got exactly where I was going with that So you had the same problem on another carrier? WOW you should get the phone replaced then but when they give you the new one have them put in and activate the microSIM so you can make a call infront of them and see if it has the same problem.
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    12-04-2010 06:13 PM
  10. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Went back to apple yesterday and they have passed the issue on to their engineering/development department. I'll post anything new
    12-05-2010 04:20 AM
  11. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Nothing heard from Apple yet but have put more pressure on my carrier. They have passed that to 3rd line support who should contact me soon to discuss.

    Forgot to mention in last post but next set if Apple/Network can't find anything then we are looking at compensation and a new phone (probably the Samsung Galaxy S)
    12-06-2010 08:23 AM
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    Does anyone else you know have an iPhone that works where you live? If you stick your SIM card in theirs, does it work?
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    12-06-2010 09:25 AM
  13. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Been back on to 2nd line support at Vodafone... apparently there is a problem with iPhone 4's connecting to the CS cell in my area. Guess we will soon find out what happens
    12-08-2010 05:18 AM
  14. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Vodafone have confirmed they resolved the issue and it is now working again (after 3 weeks)

    Everyone who commented.... you have been Thanked!

    Now to set the phone up as it was all from memory as Apple told me to delete Backups
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    12-08-2010 07:42 AM
  15. ghostface147's Avatar
    Did they tell you what it was?
    12-08-2010 08:14 AM
  16. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    I'll copy the report up when they send it to me
    12-08-2010 09:03 AM
  17. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    It turns out this still isn't fixed was just having a good day when I last posted.

    Since then Vodafone have confirmed they need to get permission off the landlords of the cell tower (its attached to a television mast) which took them 3 weeks. Now they are there they have confirmed the issue but cannot do anything for 100 days as it requires the television mast to be put in to a low state of power or even be switched off. It is the 11th Jan today... that leaves me with a phone that can't make reliable calls until mid April!!!

    I have officially complained and am in the middle of seeking compensation. Can AT&T beat that?
    01-11-2011 10:17 AM