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    Hey guys and gals, my wifi stopped working on my 3g . I didn't do any updates or jailbreaks , it just stopped working. So I ordered a part that said it was the wifi antenna, cracked the case open and replaced. I do a lot of itouch and iphone repairs so I was confident and all went well. Oh but wait, still no wifi. I cant post a picture because I lack the number of post, so i can say that the part replaced sets under the sim card carriage and is adhered to the back case. After poking around on the net I have found a lot of information saying that it is just the gps antenna. Does anybody know were the actual wifi antenna is? Is it soldered on the logic board? Thanks for any info
    12-02-2010 01:23 AM
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    I think I just found my answer. I believe it is a sticker on the back of the usb port connector.
    12-02-2010 01:26 AM