1. iph's Avatar
    I was browsing around and found this:

    [EcoZi.org] Black Google for Mobile Phones: Save Battery with Each Google Search

    Every bit helps, right?
    11-29-2010 11:04 PM
  2. FunkyDog's Avatar
    Good find! Hats off to you!
    11-30-2010 01:56 AM
  3. TampaDude's Avatar
    Actually, I don't think it really extends battery life. Even though you have a black screen, that's just the LCD blocking the backlight. The backlight is still illuminated the same as if you had a white screen, and is therefore using the same amount of energy.
    11-30-2010 04:38 PM
  4. applejosh's Avatar
    I thought I read somewhere that white on LCD screens used the least amount of energy (as small a difference as it may be) while black was most efficient on AMOLED screens (again, very small difference). There have been some discussions on some of the Android forums about it, but the feeling I got was there wasn't any earth shattering savings for either screen.
    11-30-2010 08:20 PM
  5. Petra Systems's Avatar
    anyone knows how retina display uses energy?
    12-01-2010 05:23 PM
  6. applejosh's Avatar
    anyone knows how retina display uses energy?
    Isn't "retina display" just like any other LCD screen? It just has a pretty high pixel density and a catchy name? Liquid crystal display - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    12-01-2010 05:56 PM