1. Gerane's Avatar
    I'm having a problem with my Ipod 2g mc running 4.1 crashing. It is jailbroken and I'm using quite a few apps.

    My problem is it keeps rebooting on me. When I go into ifile it is reporting Mobilemail as the culprit.

    However, I am not using the mail app when this occurs. The majority of the time this happens is when opening an app or folder. I am using Infinifolders, but this happens also when opening apps that aren't in a folder.

    I have tried turning off most of the apps that use mail but it has yet to help. It is rebooting pretty regularly. Occasionally it will go into safe mode, which has happened twice.

    There Is one more app I'm hoping to try to disable which is lockinfo.

    If I need to post the crash report do you need the entire thing or just a certain part of it?
    11-29-2010 11:16 AM