1. S.Casey's Avatar
    I wish there was a way to clear out of date or misspelled e-mail addresses out of the mail app in iPhone 4 running iOS4.2.1. I've gone so far as to edit the contact's info in the address book, but this has not seemed to fix the problem. Odd. You'd think that the cache would refresh itself upon reboot of the phone.
    Does anyone know of a legal (non-jailbreaking) way to do this. I know the addresses roll off eventually, but that's if you don't accidentally choose them, which Does sometimes happen, which keeps them in the suggestion cue for longer.
    11-28-2010 07:17 PM
  2. xxDruMMer BoYxx's Avatar
    Unfortunately no. Only if u restore and no backup but then u have to get all if apps and contacts together and put them back. Unless u jailbreak. But u already said no jailbreak so there you go.
    11-29-2010 02:15 AM
  3. S.Casey's Avatar
    Thanks. I didn't think there was without a lot of hoop jumping. It seems easy enough to add to the app (in page). First off I tried in line swiping to the left (a natural reaction), and that's how it 'should be' or through an edit button at the top of the page. They could write it the same as they do with many other similar type edits. If you accidentally swipe to the left, to correct and not delete the entry you'd just touch the entry again and the 'delete' option disappears.
    Thanks for the reply.
    11-29-2010 02:55 AM
  4. S.Casey's Avatar
    Apple! Add In-Line Editing to the mail app's auto-suggest address feature!!
    11-29-2010 02:57 AM
  5. Garry White's Avatar
    The cache is just a buffer of the most recently used email addresses so if you're trying to clear it simply compose a new email with simple nonsensical addresses like aa ab ac ad ae........ etc. You will get a warning that the email address doesn't look to be valid but you will also see they replace what's in the existing cache. I found I could replace the entire cache by using the addresses aa through az, ba through bz, and ca thru cz, so I am guessing the cache holds the last 50 email addresses.
    04-21-2011 11:57 PM