1. KevinClack's Avatar
    hey everyone. i came across this website, EcoZi.org a couple weeks ago. its just a version of google that is black. the theory is since its black, and since it is less data-intensive than normal google, it uses 4x less battery.

    i was wondering what you guys thought or if you had seen it yet. i walk around new york and i glance around and see people using it all the time now. ive been using it for a couple weeks now and honestly i can say the difference is massive. ill admit i kindof like the look of it better as well.

    let me know, thanks!
    11-25-2010 01:44 AM
  2. Wallace's Avatar
    I thought that LCD screens use roughly the same amount of power whatever they were displaying? The backlight is on all the time, its just the LCD crystals that turn opaque and BLOCK the backlight from shining through.
    However, I am prepared to be proved wrong, lol

    Is that SPAM, I smell cooking?
    11-25-2010 03:15 AM