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    PononBy MYBO GAME

    This could be your long awaiting "block falling" Game! Let's enjoy the Ponon World with superb effect, fast shoot out, and perfect user friendly interface.

    - ghost block
    - infinite combos
    - virtual-key controlling
    - gesture controlling
    - global score ranking
    - saved anytime


    You can use the Virtual Keyboard or Gesture to play Ponon!

    Virtual Keyboard:
    - You can move block by pressing LEFT and RIGHT arrow
    - rotate them 90 degrees clockwise by pressing rotation key.(you can change the direction in options).
    - To speed up the action, press the DOWN Arrow key to drop quickly, and press the drop key to perform a spin.
    - Move: Move bricks by sliding your finger left,right.
    - Rotate: Tap the screen that is not over the bricks.
    - Drop down: When you drag the bricks, release you finger, the bricks will drop down.

    - To score points in Ponon, you must clear lines.
    - To clear a line, every square in a row has to be filled.
    - Clear one line at one time +100 points
    - Clear tow lines at one time +300 points
    - Clear three lines at one time +900 points
    - Scoring a Combo : You can get a combo if you can clear lines many times in short time. +N*100 points
    - Quickly Drop : You can get award points when you drop block quickly. The sooner you spin, the higher score you get.
    - Level up : When you get 2000 points, you proceed to the next level.

    iTunes Link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/ponon/id402642577?mt=8
    11-16-2010 07:00 AM