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    I have a iPod Touch 2nd gen. Recently the touch screen stopped responding and the only way to get it out of sleep mode to to do a hard reset. After a few seconds screen will go black. If I press the home button right after is goes black it will come back on, but if I let it sit for a minute it will not come back on unless I preform a hard reset (unless I have it pluged into my computer, it will always come back on by pressing the home button when pluged into computer). I have preformed multiple restores using iTunes, entering DFU mode and not. Always same result. As I mentioned earlier the touch screen does not work and will not respond to touch. So, I figured the digitizer has gone bad. Now my question, will the digitizer cause the problem with turning the unit back on out of sleep? If I replace the digitizer will that fix or do I have multiple problems?
    PS the battery over night, within 12 hours will drain 50% with no use.
    11-03-2010 09:37 AM