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    Don't know why the previous post wouldn't let me add the second photo but here it is!
    10-30-2010 04:13 AM
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    And here is tonights second pumpkin form the pumpkin carving party! and to prove its' authenticity I took one picture of it next to my previous entry. I call it "Minimalist Steve"
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    10-30-2010 04:19 AM
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    I give you... Lord Jobs.
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    10-30-2010 02:59 PM
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    This is my "Jack"-O-Lantern. I wanted to do more with it, but I ran out of time. I didn't start working on it until this morning. This is my first time sculpting a pumpkin; I have carved before, but never sculpted. I mostly used an exacto blade and dental tools. I will post more images when I finish so you all can see.

    The upload feature failed a few times had to make it much smaller than is allowed.
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    10-30-2010 03:04 PM
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