1. Narcisse#IM's Avatar
    Hi all !

    I have Outlook 2007 and an iPhone 3Gs v. 3.1.3. I have no problem syncing from Outlook calendar to iPhone calendar, but if I add appointments to the iPhone directly, then they wont sync to the Outlook calendar.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance !!
    10-24-2010 09:11 AM
  2. Narcisse#IM's Avatar
    Does anyone know what could be the cause ? Everything I have tried has failed
    10-26-2010 12:07 PM
  3. Slyfi's Avatar
    it might be the fact that your still on iOS 3.0 still and iTunes is taking offense to that
    10-26-2010 12:37 PM
  4. Narcisse#IM's Avatar
    Well, I think we should probably not mention to my susceptible iPhone that the reason why is because it's unlocked. From what I understand, if I was to upgrade to 4.0, I would lose unlock.

    Seeing as it is easily offended, this bit of information might be overwhelming don't you think ?

    Also, it started behaving this way only about a week ago, which is weird. I don't like having an anthropomorphized iPhone
    10-26-2010 01:14 PM