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    I was Browsing For Most expensive smartphone's and i got to know about this article which just shocked me ! and iphone worth more than my house !! hola aa a

    Following the success of the iPhone 4, has hit the market the most expensive version of the Apple device, characterized by their flamboyant decoration.

    The phone, of which only two copies worldwide, is decorated with gold and diamonds. The iPhone comes in a box imperial pink granite that weighs nearly seven kilos.

    Its new owner is an Australian billionaire who paid 5,700,000 euros for the phone, decorated by some 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats in total. The largest stone is a 7.4 carat pink diamond and replaces the Start button.

    The new model is the work of Stuart Hughes, who has been working for some time customizing all types of electronic equipment on behalf of his exclusive clientele. Among his works are also found various versions of the iPad covered with precious stones, and even the worlds most expensive console.

    So far, the iPhone with the highest price was valued at two million euros and was decorated with 271 grams of solid gold and 136 diamonds. The granite box in which it occurred had gold decoration and a nubuck leather lining.

    Image Courtesy - Technogage
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    10-18-2010 08:11 AM
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    I have the cheaper one and it works the same :P
    10-18-2010 08:14 AM
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    That's the ugliest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life!
    10-18-2010 08:19 AM
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    there is already a thread dedicated to this topic found here
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