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    I have a dilemma here. I set up my hotmail account on my Mail.app on my MBP, and it worked great. But when I synched it to my iPhone, I got every single message in my inbox sent to it instead of it synching (man that's a strange word...) as it is in my Mail.app. So I changed the setting "remove copy from server after retrieving a message" to immediately, which got rid of all the messages on my iPhone, which I was fine with, because there is nothing I really needed on my phone anyway, as long as I have them on my computer. However, messages that are sent to that account are now not being pushed to the "Hotmail" inbox on either my Mail OR my iPhone. I set up an Exchange inbox on my iPhone, and that is working perfectly. Is there a way to do this now on my MBP Mail? I can't seem to find it. Or will the one I created on my iPhone automatically sync to my MBP when I sync it?

    Edit: 2 seconds after I posted this I finally got the test emails I sent to myself in my "Hotmail" inbox. Why are these so delayed, whereas Exchange is so instant? I even tried refreshing the inboxes before and got nothing. Also with the "remove after retrieving" selected, it deletes them in my Exchange account on my phone, so I'm assuming that shouldnt be selected.
    10-12-2010 02:10 AM
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    No one has any idea about ANYTHING with this?
    10-12-2010 03:38 PM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    Delayed emails: You had setup your account as "POP" on your MBP. It likely has a "send/receive schedule" ( I don't know for sure, I use Outlook on Windows ) and it was set for some interval.

    You cannot setup your Mail.app to use the hotmail exchange settings since the hotmail servers only support Exchange ActiveSync which the Mail.app doesn't support ( pretty much only for mobile devices ).
    10-12-2010 03:51 PM
  4. stennett#IM's Avatar
    Yeah, pretty common complaint. You can check it on your browser (Safari), or you can have it forwarded to an address that does work (that is what I did). I also set my phone to check for email every 15 minutes. Coming from a BB I was used to the push email service and this has taken some time to get used to. Loving my iPhone 4 though.
    10-13-2010 11:52 PM