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    I got an iPhone 4 last week, and my wife got a 3GS (her choice, not mine!) We added pictures for each other to our contacts, but although the caller ID shows up, her photo doesn't show up on my phone for incoming calls. My photo shows up on her phone. My son's photo shows up when he calls.

    Any thoughts?
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    Check the format of the picture. The only caller id picture I have (my wife) shows up and was imported to the phone as a jpeg.

    Also, check the location of the photo. Not sure if there is a correlation, but my wife's picture only showed as a tiny pic on the caller id bar until I saved it into the Camera Roll and re-added it. After I did that, it showed up full screen.
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    10-07-2010 10:08 PM
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    So have you checked sync contact?
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    10-07-2010 11:41 PM
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    Thanks for the replies. I solved this on my own--the contact for my wife was both in Exchange and on my phone. The one on my phone didn't have a photo. When I added the photo, it properly displayed.

    jerrydavid, do I need to be checking sync contact? I used to use Palm devices and am used to having my contacts only on my Palm. I had to export them to Google and them import them onto the iPhone. When I check sync contact, what would be different than keeping things updated on the phone--would this mean I would be keeping a current copy of contacts in iTunes?
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    If you sync Contacts with Gmail, or another program (Windows allows Outlook or Windows Mail, I'm sure Mac allows something similar) then you always have a backup. It's a 2 way sync, so anything you add or edit on your phone will get backed up OTA (Gmail) or the next time you sync with your PC or Mac. Just one way to ensure that you never lose any of your contacts.

    Be careful if you choose to sync with Gmail, though. It only stores thumbnail photos, so if they change to full screen, they will be very pixelized similar to syncing contact photos with Facebook.
    10-08-2010 09:45 AM