1. longshadows's Avatar
    I live in Maine and have an iPhone 3Gs, locked on AT&T. I'd like to get an iPhone4, but I'm so tired of being locked to any carrier. Not that I'd consider switching carriers while in the U.S. For all of it's shortcomings, AT&T is still the best GSM carrier--especially in coverage and 3G data in the U.S. When I do go abroad, it would be nice to buy a SIM pre-pay and have a local number, less expensive rates, etc.

    So, Montreal is only a few hours away. Can I just walk into an Apple Store in Montreal (or a Rogers or Bell store) and buy an unlocked iPhone4, without a contact?

    Has anyone done this and then come back to the U.S. and set up their phone on the AT&T network?

    What are the disadvantages--other than costs?

    10-05-2010 04:00 PM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    as far as im aware this trick should work. the only reason AT&T can lock the device is because they subsidize the price. take away the subsidizing and what you have left is an unlocked phone

    best of luck and drive carefully
    10-05-2010 04:32 PM