1. vernam616's Avatar
    Hi everyone, hoping to find some answers to my problem

    Currently have a iPhone 3gs which is unlocked and jailbroken (3.1.2 firmware)

    i purchased the phone second hand, and upon receiving the phone only the contacts and messages had been wiped, so the phone was how he/she left it

    I linked the phone to my itunes and input my apple ID, ive since downloaded many apps using my account & also updated what id bought

    I bought angry birds around 3 month ago, and updated last month, there is a new update available today however when i try and update it keeps asking for the previous owners apple password and wont give me the option to input my details for the update, this is driving me mad as all other apps are the same and i cant update

    does anyone know a way around this without wiping my phone?

    10-02-2010 03:32 AM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    try going to the app store
    then the featured tab
    scroll down to the bottom and sign out of your apple id then sign back in.

    if problems dont resolve then delete the app and download it again if you paid for it then the phone will display a message like "you've already downloaded this..." blah blah blah. and if you didnt then u'll be charged the $.99
    10-02-2010 03:43 AM