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    I tend to find myself befriending those people who also consider themselves iPhone Power Users! This weekend was no different. I had the opportunity to spend some time with a person who has just moved here and left his job as an Apple Genius. Of course for someone like me who considers themselves a power user/addict of iPhone this is the perfect friend match! So we set off the day with the goal of playing mini golf (put put for my southern friends). Playing mini golf is exactly what we did! Competition at the highest level, updates after each hole of who is in the lead. When there was a shift in the game that was quickly pointed out. Attempting to distract the other person as they are shooting just hoping to win and be the champion of this round of mini golf! Of course there is always that one person who is stuck tallying the score to the game for all four people and it always takes forever to get the final score! I waited at the end of the 18 hole game biting my nails knowing that this round was a very close round. I didn’t care if I won overall (secretly I did) I just wanted to beat my husband and have that moment of glory! While waiting it hits me that 4 so called iPhone Power users just played an entire round of 18 holes of golf without being a true power user! Sure we used our phones to take photos, videos and answer texts and emails! But why on earth did we not take away the whole pencil and paper score keeping and use our iPhone???? After a quick app search I was quickly hit with at least 20 apps offering free or low fee apps that could do just what we needed! Keep score with no pencil or paper! That was a moment of sadness; the 2 people who are the most Apple loving people in the group quickly hung their heads (me being one of those) and beat themselves up for not thinking of it earlier! I am sure you are wondering who the overall winner was…..well of course that would be ME! After my moments of sadness for not using my iPhone to its fullest capabilities….I proceeded to do my victory dance!
    I have set a goal for myself…start thinking of ways I can use my iPhone that I have never used it before! Mini golf score keeping being one of those! The iPhone is meant to make our lives simpler and it really does do that! The problem is that we need to think outside the “iPhone” and put it to use in our lives to help make things easier where we never thought it could before!

    Of course if anyone has an app that they use for mini golf scoring, I would love to hear what app you use and your thoughts!
    09-21-2010 10:41 AM
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    The smoke curled out of the barrel of her gun and drifted up to the ceiling where it caused an odd halo effect above the bare light bulb protruding from the cheap glass fixture that was meant as decoration but only served to sharpen the 100 watt glare that shone down upon the blood-soaked body of the man who had only moments before told her he loved her and would marry her as soon as he divorced his wife and worked out a financial arrangement that would allow them to leave this godforsaken city and never look back nor be haunted by the dark memories of lust and betrayal that she more or less had forgotten about but now came rushing back with a sudden ferocity when she remembered that she'd recently escaped from an insane asylum where she'd been held for eighteen years as a result of shooting her big sister's high school boyfriend after having sex with him and listening to him tell her that he loved her and wanted to marry her in a way that was eerily reminiscent of the dying man on the floor who had no idea that his wife was her big sister until she whispered it in his ear and then shot him in the head causing a hole that looked like a period
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    09-21-2010 11:41 AM
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    Nice story happycamping!!
    09-21-2010 02:18 PM
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    Im glad Ghostface is being pleasant for a change.
    09-21-2010 07:53 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your epiphany with us.
    09-22-2010 07:18 AM
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    Ghostface147- I was about to reply about the OP, but your's trumped me, and was perfect. Effing perfect. Unless of course the OP used free translator software that won't let one access punctuation and paragraphing without paying for he software? Its possible, isn't it?
    09-25-2010 06:33 PM