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    Hi, this is not a game app, but a business / CRM app with a private Twitter like features and geo checkins To help manage remote teams. We're having trouble with getting location services just right and would appreciate a few beta testers... Info at beta.fieldforceapp.com

    What if you could use mobile social tools to get real-time updates from your team, check-in at customers and manage relationships across time and place?

    Hi, we're looking for a few beta testers who can provide some feedback on our iOS4-based app. We are specifically testing some background update features of the latest iOS, trying to fine-tune our background location based service to balance the convenience with battery life -- no easy task!

    FieldForce App Dev Team

    Technical Details (In case you're into that type of thing...):
    • iOS4.1 based, native UIKit
      Rails 3.2 backend, running on Debian5-based VPS planning to deploy to Engine Yard
      SSL encrypted communication between app and server
      Push-based private Twitter-like status updates, with geo-tagging and "reply-to" feature for threaded messages
      Currently using NSCoded datastore on the device, planning to move to CoreData with encryption
      Extensive use of mutlithreaded XML parsing, app manages and load balances 6 parallel streams
      Extensive use of location based services, including background location updates synched to the server
      Extensive use of MapKit, including custom annotations and drag-and-drop functions
      Local notifications driven by our server, effectively emulates Apple's native Push Location Services
      Shared contacts dB, extends native phonebook with private phonebook sync-ed to server
      Shared todo dB, linked to notifications with custom sound alert -- remotely set your buddy's alarm!
      Introducing the concept of "Account Check-ins," with shared Account dB with geo-tagged updates
      Extensive drill-downs for both visual MapKit-based and UITableView-based analysis of team activity
      InApp Purchases, supporting free-to-try subscription based business model
    09-18-2010 07:23 PM