1. alokeprasad's Avatar
    With the latest iTunes and iOS 4.1 (on my 3Gs), the playback position of podcasts is all messed up when the podcast gets synced on to the device.

    I get a new podcast on to my PC, sync, playback on my 3Gs.. the podcasts starts playback in the middle or a few seconds before the end. It is not a big deal, but an annoyance nevertheless.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    09-18-2010 08:39 AM
  2. toomanyphones's Avatar
    I have the same problem with the iPhone 4.
    09-18-2010 12:01 PM
  3. ebedoun's Avatar
    I have been using Podcaster instead of the native Podcast function on the iPhone and have been very happy with it.
    09-18-2010 05:42 PM
  4. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I think this is a iTunes 10 bug. Please report to Apple at

    Apple - iTunes - Feedback
    09-18-2010 08:27 PM