1. Nickatimes's Avatar
    I'm trying to downgrade my accidental iPhone 4.1 update:/ I'm trying to jailbreak so I can wifi my iPad and im in need of a lil help I see lil kids do it on YouTube and I feel really challenged thank you anyone.
    09-15-2010 12:18 AM
  2. ducky's Avatar
    were you previously jb? what problems/questions do you have?
    09-15-2010 12:23 AM
  3. redbeard's Avatar
    iPhone 3G Error 3194 when Restoring with iTunes… azacode

    I had the same problem, that should do it..
    09-15-2010 03:40 AM
  4. big9erfan's Avatar
    Did you save your shsh blobs? Did you ask Cydia to "make your life easier"? If the answer to both those is no, you can't downgrade.
    09-20-2010 10:14 AM