1. myerscb's Avatar
    1) Vapor black/black
    2) Jawbone ICON (hero or the thinker)
    3) Case-Mate Clear Armor
    4) Griffin PowerDuo
    09-01-2010 09:18 AM
  2. kdetlefs#IM's Avatar
    1. Vapor Silver with Black caps
    2. Blue Ant q1
    3. Invisishield
    4. OEM Apple
    09-01-2010 09:19 AM
  3. tamborine's Avatar
    1.Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo

    2.Vapor case: Blue

    3.3M Microfiber cleaning cloth

    4.Griffin PowerJolt SE Coiled Cable for iPhone 4

    09-01-2010 09:19 AM
  4. ejmccartin's Avatar
    Vapor case - Red
    Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset
    Case-Mate Clear Armor
    Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4
    09-01-2010 09:20 AM
  5. Osumailguy's Avatar
    1. All Black case
    2. Jawbone ICON
    3. Casemate clear armor
    4. Griffin PowerDuo
    09-01-2010 09:21 AM
  6. rynoerik's Avatar
    1. Vapor Black/Grey (as shown in your photo).
    2. Motorola S9 HD Headset.
    3. Case-Mate Clear Armor.
    4. Griffin PowerDuo
    09-01-2010 09:23 AM
  7. caseyj10's Avatar
    1. Vapor Case black/red
    2. Blueant Q1 Bluetooth headset
    3. BodyGuardz protective skin
    4. Griffin PowerDuo
    09-01-2010 09:23 AM
  8. bobreck's Avatar
    My choices!

    Vapor Case: Silver/Blue
    BT headset: Motorola S9-HD
    Screen Cover: BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4
    Charger: Griffin PowerDuo for iPhone 4
    09-01-2010 09:23 AM
  9. Ipheuria's Avatar
    1 - I want the black with blue caps
    The blue is the perfect match for my car and since I'm a car enthusiast and the case has a very kick *** look being made from anodized aluminum it will compliment my ride

    2 - Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
    I have small ears so I want headphone style earphones. It's a free giveaway so ofcourse I'm going with the more expensive of the two The one thing I wanted forever when I got my iPhone was BT stereo so now it's finally here.

    3 - BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4
    The 1st thing I buy for my iPhone and iPad is a screen protector being slightly OCD I hate face grease, fingerprints on my screen. I clean the screen with the screen protector even yes I'm that OCDish. I heard on one of the podcasts that Georgia put her iPad in rubble with the bodygaurdz and it protected it so that gets my vote. If it's good enough for Georgia it's good enough for me LOL

    4- Seidio Inno Dock Jr.
    At work I have a griffin USB sync cable but that dock would look so sweet and probably be the most professional looking thing on my desk.
    09-01-2010 09:24 AM
  10. jmadara's Avatar
    Here we go:
    1. Black with Red - For the Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks
    2. Motorola MOTOROKR S305 - Always wanted stereo Bluetooth
    3. BodyGuardz - Gots to protect my screen.
    4 - Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4 - I don't have a dock yet. I just use my business card holder at work and have to turn it sideways to charge.

    l|X/ - Keeping my fingers crossed.

    09-01-2010 09:24 AM
  11. cholguin's Avatar
    !.black vapor
    3. casemate clear armor
    4. griffin power duo
    09-01-2010 09:25 AM
  12. redelstein's Avatar
    1. Vapor Black/Grey Case
    2. T9 Bluetooth
    3. Casemate Clear Armour
    4. Siedino Dock
    09-01-2010 09:25 AM
  13. RHINOTRONICScom's Avatar
    I'll take the all black case.
    Blueant Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset
    Case-mate clear armor
    Apple power cord

    Thanks!! :-)
    09-01-2010 09:25 AM
  14. ImYourHuckaberry's Avatar
    Hi, If I'm lucky enough to win I would like the following:

    - Vapor Cast in Black & Silver.
    - Jawbone Icon.
    - Case Mate Clear Armor.
    - Griffin Power Duo Charger.

    Thanks in advance!!
    09-01-2010 09:26 AM
  15. mattoaks's Avatar
    1. Vapor Case Black
    2. Jawbone ICON in black
    3. Casemate Clear Armor
    4. Griffin Power Duo
    09-01-2010 09:26 AM
  16. mrburns05's Avatar
    Oh man this is a great giveaway

    1. I'd like the vapor black on black
    2. The jawbone ICON
    3. The case mate clear armor
    4. And the standard apple charger(I'm an apple geek)
    09-01-2010 09:26 AM
  17. Beefalo's Avatar
    01. Silver Element Case
    02. Jawbone Icon - Hero Bluetooth headset
    03. Case-Mate Clear Armor screen protector
    04. Seido Ino Dock Jr. for iPhone 4 charger

    As always, you guys rock and I hope I win!
    Last edited by Beefalo; 09-01-2010 at 09:30 AM.
    09-01-2010 09:28 AM
  18. cyberbob's Avatar
    My dream setup is:

    Black and Red case
    Plantronics 925 BT headset
    Body Guardz
    Griffin PowerDuo for iPhone 4

    09-01-2010 09:28 AM
  19. Lemonex's Avatar
    1. Black/Black
    2. Blueant Q1
    3. Bodyguardz
    4. Seido Inno Dock Jr.
    09-01-2010 09:28 AM
  20. littlebuddha79's Avatar
    - The black/orange Vapor case looks schnazzy, but it looks like only black/black and black/pink are available at the moment, so if orange isn't a choice, I'd have to go black/black
    - Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 4
    - BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4
    - Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4
    Last edited by littlebuddha79; 09-01-2010 at 09:33 AM. Reason: error in color choice
    09-01-2010 09:29 AM
  21. scxpress's Avatar
    this looks awesome, I have a speck now for my 3g but when my 4 gets here in 6 days......

    mR. hANDSFREE 2
    Case-Mate Clear Armor for iPhone 4

    09-01-2010 09:29 AM
  22. gagy's Avatar
    Here is what I would pick:

    1. Vapor case Black/Silver if available or from their website available colors Black/Black
    2. Blueant T1 Bluetooth headset
    3. BodyGuardz Protective Skin
    4. Apple USB Power Adapter w/ Sync Cable for iPhone 4
    09-01-2010 09:29 AM
  23. ayust66's Avatar
    1 Vapor Case in Black
    2. Jawbone Icon
    3. Casemate Clear Armor
    4. Griffin Powerjolt Plus
    09-01-2010 09:30 AM
  24. Stephman's Avatar
    1- Vapor Case Silver/Black, or Black/Black
    2- Jawbone Icon The Thinker
    3- BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4
    4- Griffin PowerDuo for iPhone 4

    Yeah Boyeee!
    09-01-2010 09:31 AM
  25. E Pow's Avatar
    I picked:
    1. Orange/Black Case (Who DEY Cincinati Bengals colors)
    2. Motorola S9-HD Headphones
    3. Casemate Clear Armor
    4. Retractable Cable
    09-01-2010 09:31 AM
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