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    I have several Gmail accounts and when I go to Mail app or try to send an email through another application that loads Mail app, it intermittently takes me to the "Mailboxes" screen instead of where I left off which is usually in my primary email inbox. I enter the inbox through the "Accounts" so that I can view all the folders/labels that I have in my Gmail account. Mail app just seems to want to go back to that "Mailboxes" screen periodically and I can't figure out why/when exactly (ie; no specific circumstance that seems to occur, not with any particular app, etc). Anyone seen this behavior? Already talked about on the forums and I didn't find it by searching and someone want to yell at me and point me to the thread ;-)?? Thanks for any feedback on whether this is happening to others, if there is a way to stop it (ie; always take me back to the Mail app exactly where I last left off). I do have my main account selected as "Default Account" in the System Mail prefs. I am using an iP4 with iOS 4.0.1. Thanks for any feedback or comments.
    08-30-2010 06:57 AM