1. xxjokerxx's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    Im having a slight problem with my iPhone 4, the home button is recessed and the metal buttons and loose. Have any of you exchanged a phone with Apple before? What happened?
    Im hoping to get to an Apple store tomorrow morning and get this taken care of, I have 2 days left until I hit my 30 day mark.
    Thanks alot.
    08-21-2010 11:31 PM
  2. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    i havent swapped out an iPhone but i have swapped out an iPod before. its painless and quick. i went in with a bad iPod they looked at it and said it is bad and they gave me a new one. it was fast and easy!
    08-22-2010 01:19 AM
  3. sting7k's Avatar
    Well for something like that you have a 1 year warranty. The way it works is you go in and say what's wrong with your iPhone. They will see your problems and pull out a replacement. Generally less than 10 minutes later you walk out with your replacement iPhone.

    Only hitch really is how crowded the store is going to be and if they will have time to deal with you. Lots of times their appointments are full for days in advance and they will try to squeeze you in but you could be waiting still.
    08-22-2010 01:47 PM