1. Joletzring's Avatar
    I have had my iPhone 4 for awhile and just noticed a problem with my MMS's.

    When I try to send an MMS, it says "sending" then will get about 90% complete and fail.

    Is this an AT&T issue or an issue with my phone? Any ideas on how to resolve. Normal text messages go through.

    Also, one thing to note: I did recently jailbreak the iPhone using jailbreakme. But I downloaded the more recent version of jailbreakme so I doubting that any MMS issues I am having are related to the jailbreak.

    And facetime works fine on the phone.

    Please help!

    08-08-2010 07:48 AM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    Well, restore back to a non-jb and see what happens. If it works, you know your answer.
    08-08-2010 08:26 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    agreed... my first question would have been "did you jailbreak?"
    08-08-2010 09:04 AM
  4. John T's Avatar
    This is typical of network problems and not the 'phone. If you're on 3G, switch it off and see what happens with edge.
    08-08-2010 10:01 AM
  5. Joletzring's Avatar
    Tried resetting network settings and tried switching to edge. Still not working. Gonna try to restore...
    08-08-2010 10:13 AM
  6. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Does the data work on ur phone? If not, it may be that there is a data block on her line and that won't allow mms to go thru.
    08-08-2010 10:37 AM
  7. solius's Avatar
    did you unlock the phone? my MMS stopped working after i unlocked the phone. Was fine after I took the unlock off.
    08-08-2010 12:48 PM
  8. Joletzring's Avatar
    I restored to a new phone and re jail broke and everything is fine now. Mmss are working. I think the problem may have been that I had also previously unlocked the phone. I am guessing the unlock messed with the mms messaging. Anyway I am all set now. Thx for the help everyone.
    08-09-2010 06:44 AM