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    My gfs dad has her moms old 3gs, I helped them put his info on it off his old 2g. He tried to send an mms but the little camera icon is not next to the keyboard. In the setting under message there is no option to turn on mms like with my old 3gs, just character count. At first the phone would not show the carrier info on the "about" tab, after a restore the "AT&T 7.0" popped up but still no mms. After a call att says the area is having an outage so it may stop the mms cause the line is setup for mms. Problem with that is we have 3 other iphones in the room two i4s and my old 3gs. The i4s can send mms and i put his sim in my old 3gs and can send text but the mms hangs at 90% then fails. So it must be his sim it came from a strive first so maybe its not right for the iphone? Att said cut off the phone while they reset the settnig on it and wait for tomorrow it should work. If not i guess i will restore as new and hope for the best. Anyone know something im missing? Thanks.
    07-30-2010 12:38 AM
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    Well it looks like my gfs 3gs is working just fine with mms so i know what i have to do. Restore as new and the mms is working just fine now, something must have gone wrong from 3.1.3 to 4.0 the phone was jailbroken but im sure the update wiped that. It could have had something to do with it though. This happen to anyone else?
    07-30-2010 03:05 AM