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    So I did the 4.01 update on my 3GS. I've loved the iOS4.0on my 3GS, with my phone feeling faster than it did before.

    I did the 4.01 update Friday. I noticed yesterday that when I use a dock connector I have a problem playing music.

    I have a car stereo that has a USB jack which allows me to plug my phone in, charge it, and play music through the stereo. Now when I do this, songs stop within the first minute or I get a loud blast of static.

    I took my wife's 3G, which has not been upgraded to iOS4 and it works fine, which makes me think this is an iOS4 issue (though it worked fine before I went to iOS4.0.1

    I assume this means I need to do a full backup and then restore my phone to factory and then reinstall everything again to see if that solves the issue?
    07-25-2010 06:56 AM