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    Ensquared the #1 authority for phone insurance on the Internet has announced that it will be launching the Ensquared phone insurance range of products through its Site and affiliated dealers in the next month. As the foremost recognized phone insurance Site in US and other countries, and having the advantage of the absolutely unique cell phone insurance calculator, Ensquared is perfectly positioned to offer consumers a relevant, value filled phone insurance program that is sure to shake up the insurance backed wireless protection industry.

    The Ensquared experience in this arena has identified that anyone buying cell insurance directly from providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc is hampered by having to (a) buy the device from the provider without exception (b) likewise contract that device into their communication service and (c) buy the cell phone insurance offered on the day of activation or within maximum two weeks or one month of activation.

    “This is extremely restricting,” says Gordon Polovin CEO of Ensquared. “In this day and age many customers are acquiring unlocked phones at retail price (not subsidized by providers) at discount sellers, and then electing to connect it to a contracted service or go prepaid. No way one can get provider insurance under those conditions.” Mr. Polovin went on to say that provider personnel are woefully short on phone insurance understanding and lack ability to sell this aligned cell phone product. Moreover, they get no commission even when they do. As a result there is no active or informed selling and more customers than not miss the critical time window for obtaining phone insurance through their chosen provider.

    Ensquared also identified shortcomings of Internet competition like SquareTrade. The programs offered by this mainstream insurer is basically a capped warranty program that in fact does not relate to time but more on how quickly the capped warranty value gets eroded. “In our view” says Mr. Polovin “a SquareTrade warranty may be extinguished by one claim leaving the stated two year program empty of value and rendering the time aspect as useless in many cases.

    Ensquared is bringing in a program that will address iPhones (all models) and every other brand. Not only will it offer very generous claim limits of around $1000 per claim, there are more than enough claims accessible in the term of 1 year or 2 years depending on product bought; Ensquared will insure any device bought from anyone and contracted out to different providers; and Ensquared iphone insurance and Ensquared phone insurance make mince meat of the most generous provider time window of 1 month. Essentially any standard device of 90 days or less or
    iPhones of 60 days or less will be insured. Most important, the Ensquared phone insurance includes accidental damage, lost or stolen,

    “Our deductibles are going to be reasonable and very competitive; our claims servicing top class and our underwriters are extremely well rated,” says Polovin. “When we go live very soon Ensquared phone insurance will join the Ensquared Calculator – a comparison tool unrivalled to date – as a phone insurance household name.” Ensquared will be introducing a cutting edge program that is meaningful to all cell phone insurance buyers in the US.
    07-23-2010 09:20 AM