1. iVenom's Avatar
    I was happy to hear the i4 had wifi N network capability but then i hear that it is nerfed. So i did a test with my 3gs. I have a dir 655 n router and i dig it. First I checked the range, the i4 would go down a bar one step after the 3gs so that was nothing. now ill show you the speed test



    not the jump i was looking for. Is this how it is for everyone? Let me know if i need to tweak something to get a boost. Thanks
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    07-22-2010 10:14 PM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    I find it to be on par with the previous generation.
    07-22-2010 10:53 PM
  3. chobbs1's Avatar
    I do not have the speed test app but when I put the two side by side I did notice a small increase in speed but not much. so I think your results are normal, far as I can tell.
    07-22-2010 11:52 PM
  4. cardfan's Avatar
    In use, i don't think you'd notice much difference in wifi speed.

    3G? I notice a significant difference especially uploading.
    07-23-2010 12:01 AM
  5. iVenom's Avatar
    yea thats the problem i thought it would be faster but oh well i guess on the iphone 5 right?
    07-23-2010 03:14 AM
  6. mg48's Avatar
    It's faster on 3G than the 3GS. I did a side by side and the iPhone 4 renders the pages ~ 30% faster.
    07-23-2010 11:58 PM