1. SomaCruz's Avatar
    i must say that i never thought id own a iphone but now i cant see how i went without one. I went from blackberry to android (and i do miss my bb sometimes T_T) and from android to iphone and honestly i couldnt be more pleased. I purchased the new 3GS since the store only sold 4's to people who reserved them >.>. anyways, tell me...what apps and things should i do with my phone?
    07-18-2010 02:25 AM
  2. proof2006's Avatar
    should have waited for a 4. My 4 blows my gfs 3gs away
    07-18-2010 02:41 AM
  3. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Welcome to the team. This sticky will answer ur question. Enjoy

    07-18-2010 08:34 AM
  4. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to TiPb.com. It all depends what you
    will be using your iPhone for. Are you planning
    on getting the i4 in the near future? It doesn't
    take to long to order and receive it. A lot have
    reported no more than a week through Apple. I
    would give them a go.
    07-18-2010 09:20 AM