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    I ordered my iphone 4 last month, the 26th I had a shipping date of July 20th and 23 at my door, How ever after checking my order online at apple's website, I saw that my phone was shipped on the 12, and is expected to arrive at my door step, on the 16 (TOMORROW) My heart dropped I was (am) so excited.

    When I was younger I remember my first game system it was a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when my older brother bought it back from the store I was on a whole different planet. My and my younger brother stayed up ALL NIGHT Playing just two games, Super Mario brothers and duck hunt. The next day I Had what I would call some kind of withdrawal symptoms, It was like I could feel the controllers in my hand when I was just watching TV, or driving.

    The point is, This is the same kind of excitement that I have with this phone.(Sorry am a gadget junkie and an unlikely Nerd!:) Am sure what I just described is similar to How a lot of iPhone 4 owners feel about their new Toy/Gadget/Phone.

    The antenna issue what ever it is will not deter people from getting one of the hottest phones this year, there is too much other good stuff that's crammed into that little piece of glass and aluminum.
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    07-15-2010 10:15 AM
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    it definitely is a cool phone I have to admit it was kind of like waiting for a nintendo haha I remember those days as well
    07-15-2010 10:18 AM
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    My thoughts as well. After I preordered the iphone 4, it was a killer 2 weeks. I thought the day would never come. and what makes this better than a nintendo is i can carry it with me everywhere (except the shower unfortunately, they need to make it waterproof). But seriously, i love the phone. The antenna issue doesn't effect me that much (no dropped calls yet), so i have no problems.
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    Yes indeed, those weeks leading up the the delivery was Hard!. I was like a kid again when I would go to bed early on Christmas Eve, just so the day would go by quickly and I could get to the presents on christmas
    07-15-2010 10:41 AM