1. spcm0012's Avatar
    Convince me to sell my BlackBerry to buy the iPhone 4 when it releases in Canada.

    Everything I've heard so far is great, minus the antenna. I love my BlackBerry 9700 a lot, and it is only about 8 months old.

    Convince me on the iPhone, the ads and what I've read so far have nearly got me.
    07-13-2010 12:20 AM
  2. ebedoun's Avatar
    I went from a 9700 to the iPhone 4.... never looking back.
    07-13-2010 12:29 AM
  3. Fausty82's Avatar
    Me too. The iPhone4 is really a cool piece of tech - the current antenna problem notwithstanding. Perhaps it's my location, but I have a good, strong AT&T signal, and have never encountered a single dropped call. My wife has my 9700 and we're both happy with that upgrade.
    07-13-2010 12:50 AM
  4. Moonbase0ne's Avatar
    I just ordered a iP4 yesterday. I currently have the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Been with BB since 2004 and am kind of tired of the phone for my own reasons.

    Will try iPhone and see how it goes. 7 - 15 shipping days. Wasn't in any kind of hurry but then, my Trackball stopped scrolling up...
    07-13-2010 01:03 AM
  5. jMunar's Avatar
    Coming from an 8900, I thought I would regret it but now I am 100% satisfied with my swtich. Go for it!
    07-13-2010 01:44 AM
  6. deeddawg's Avatar
    You need to own your decision, not rely on others to convince you.

    I bought a used 3GS from someone locally via Craigslist for a good price so I could try out iOS4 and see if I liked it enough to sell my Blackberry 9700. I did and will upgrade to an iphone4 once I decide on white vs. black.
    07-13-2010 08:59 AM
  7. Rolf's Avatar
    My blackberry bold 9000 crapped out on me. The trackball failed (replaced it twice, blah blah) and I was fed up and wanted a new phone. I started looking at new phones and realized the iphone 4 came out a few days ago. I did some research, poked around on TiPB a little bit to get a feel for the community, and realized that the iPhone was miles ahead of any other phone out there. The amount of 3rd party support blew me away. So many accessories and stuff you can get, and the app store is limitless compared to the blackberry app store. I am totally drinking the iPhone kool-aid. I am sold. I am LOVING my iPhone. Not a single regret, other than blackberry instant email, but thats not a massive loss.
    07-13-2010 09:29 AM
  8. ghostface147's Avatar
    You need to own your decision, not rely on others to convince you.
    Bingo. The fact that you feel you need to be convinced can tell many people that you really don't want it. Make your own decision based on the facts. The facts are simple.
    07-13-2010 09:35 AM
  9. TLD1's Avatar
    There are several threads on the BlackBerry-To-iPhone switch already. It really comes down to what's important to you...your priorities.
    07-13-2010 10:20 AM