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    GPS Rock enables you to track your location and the location of your friends in real time using your mobile phone. GPS location data is collected and stored securely in the GPS Rock system allowing you to see the history of your trips anywhere on Earth. You can also share your location information with friends by inviting them to join your GPS Rock network. See where your children, friends, or co-workers are and how long they stayed at each location. Record your jogging routes and hiking trails and then view your location history on Google maps.

    GPS Rock is a free GPS tracking application which supports multi-task and background running with screen off (iOS4). As the application supports for back running and intelligent sampling algorithm, battery life can be improved, and therefore, the practicality of GPS Rock application is greatly increased.


    -Support for application multi-tasking and for screen off mode (iPhone OS 4.0 only).

    - No need for a data plan. GPS Rock will track your location offline and then automatically upload location data once a Wi-Fi connection is available.

    - Invite friends to your network and view their current location and history.

    - Low power consumption. Location data collection is regulated according to your moving speed to save power.

    - Calendar view enables easy access to location history.

    - Support for multiple mobile devices. GPS Rock supports iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3GS and 3G.

    No additional charges. Your phone will not incur additional charges for use of the GPS Rock application.

    --By AE Development Corporation
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