1. Theo#IM's Avatar
    Hi I don't know if anyone can help me but I have a question, I'm new to iPhone. I noticed (I don't know how it happened) but when I would lock my phone the wallpaper on the locked screen before u enter your password would display random artwork from my itunes library. Now it is gone again. I want to turn this feature on. I looked in all the setting and cannot find where this is.

    Does anyone know how I can turn this on?
    07-05-2010 01:14 PM
  2. poisoned10's Avatar
    The album art only shows while you are listening to music through the iPod.
    07-05-2010 01:28 PM
  3. Mike Whooo's Avatar
    ye on the 3gs if the screen was locked it would show it in the background when you wake it up
    07-06-2010 09:34 AM
  4. Theo#IM's Avatar
    Mike, Do you know how you you can set it up to be like that?
    07-06-2010 11:07 AM