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    So I was in the work work van riding with one of my fathers emplyees. I was using motion x gps drive and all of a sudden I noticed I wasn't hearing my turn by turn directions. I hit the option to repeat the upcoming turns and I didn't hear any thing. I exited the app and tested out keyboard clicks. still nothing. I lost volume through out the whole phone. so I rebooted and I seemed to have volume again. Later I was playing some music from my iPod app with the volume all the way up and saw myself pressing the volume key to increase the volume because I know for a fact it sounded louder before when maxed. I compared the volume to my 3GS with the volume maxed out. 3GS was louder then my iPhone 4. So not only am I experiencing antenna issues even with a black dermaSHOT incipio case, but completely losing the volume. One more thing I noticed the first week of having the iPhone 4 I've had awesome battery life. Now this week what's odd is after light usage my battery drops from 100% to 99%. that makes so sense and pisses me off so much haha
    07-03-2010 09:38 AM