1. Ariyala's Avatar
    OK, so I'm new here - HI and I have a question. I'm upgrading from 3G to iPhone 4 on Thursday - woohooo I can't wait!!! But, which size did y'all get? Currently, I have an 8g and its not even half full. I am finding more apps I like (and can use) daily and I'm filling it up with data. I might use it for work (going to read that thread next, gosh I love this place!) in which I will need quite a bit of room. I'm just wondering if the 16GB would be ok. And also, (ok this is premature) but I'm wondering what Apple will come out with next!! 4GS? - Do I need to spend the extra $100 on the iPhone itself, or can I use that $100 for accessories? Decisions decisions!!!
    I have an iTouch which holds all my music so I'm not looking to place ALL music on the iPhone, but a little more than I have on there now.

    So, whatcha thing? 16GB or 32GB? What about y'all? what made you decide on the one you got?
    06-29-2010 09:50 AM
  2. OKCChuck's Avatar
    Well, I had a 3G 8GB, and I had about half the space. Now I have the i4 16GB. I have about half the space. Just put more music on it, and the video takes up a little more space because of being HD... I'm about 7.4GB of free space.
    06-29-2010 09:54 AM
  3. swooshme's Avatar
    I had a 16GB 3GS and upgraded to 32GB i4. I figured I would use more space with the 720p video recording and since the camera has more megapixels the pictures you do take are a little larger than with the older model. If you can afford the extra $100 go for it. Plus it might help when it comes to resale when you get the 4GS, or whatever it's going to be called.
    06-29-2010 10:57 AM
  4. jhamilton3's Avatar
    If you're lucky enough to have a choice between the two, get the 32GB.

    I was only able to get ahold of a 16GB since the demand is so high right now.
    06-29-2010 11:02 AM
  5. ghostface147's Avatar
    32gb is the way to go, if you can afford it.
    06-29-2010 11:08 AM
  6. Ariyala's Avatar
    ahhhh I didn't think about video & new pics!! 32G here I come!! Plus, thanks to this site, there are a few (ok, a few more than 'a few') apps I'd like to try! Thank you much!!
    06-29-2010 11:35 AM
  7. BamaSteve's Avatar
    I've been trying to figure out the same thing for myself. I have close to 3GB of music right now, but in a year or so I could see that approaching 8GB or so. Also I will probably get a GPS app, so that will take up a good bit. I don't want to run out of space for apps, video, and music...but I also don't want have tons of unused space. I've never had an iphone either, so I don't really have anything to gauge it by.
    06-29-2010 11:59 AM
  8. iLurk13's Avatar
    I would say get the 32GB. Personally, I think that you can never have enough space. You may not use it all but its nice to know that if you need it you have it available.
    06-29-2010 12:24 PM
  9. Ariyala's Avatar
    I guess its better to have more space and not need it than to need more space & not have it!
    06-29-2010 12:49 PM
  10. omgabunny's Avatar
    I got a 32 and I have 2 gigs left after syncing my music. I had to pick n choose which songs or albums tho because I have over 90gb if they had a larger one I would have gotten that one but I'm very happy with the 32
    06-29-2010 12:50 PM
  11. E Pow's Avatar
    I have a 16GB iPhone 4 only because the 32GB wasnít available last week. I plan on exchanging it for a 32GB before my 30 days are up and when supplies are available. Honestly right now I only have half of my 16GB i4 field, but I want 32GB just in case. I'd rather have more then not enough.
    06-29-2010 01:03 PM
  12. JustinHorn's Avatar
    If you want to record lots of HD videos, go with the 32GB

    06-29-2010 02:57 PM
  13. BamaSteve's Avatar
    That's good information. I don't plan on filming a ton, but this will take the place of me getting a flip camera. Still trying to decide though. I suppose it depends on what they have in stock soonest.
    06-29-2010 03:01 PM
  14. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    i had a 16gb 3G|s| but it began to fill up quickly so now i got the 32gb i4 and have no regrets... i rather have lots of extra space then to eventually need space and have to delete stuff all the time
    06-29-2010 04:06 PM
  15. Ariyala's Avatar
    If you want to record lots of HD videos, go with the 32GB
    Ahhh nice!! thank you SO much!!!
    06-29-2010 07:24 PM
  16. Cleveland's Avatar
    The more gigs the better I always say... you can never have toooo much space
    06-29-2010 07:54 PM
  17. abeltenny0210's Avatar
    If you have enogh money. I suggest you buy the 32G .
    06-30-2010 02:46 AM
  18. BamaSteve's Avatar
    A manager at AT&T is supposed to pick a 32GB up for me and have it for me on Friday!
    06-30-2010 09:26 AM
  19. Ariyala's Avatar
    well ok, I'll go pick me up a black 32g from AT&T tomorrow I guess! weeeeeeeee I can't wait!!!
    06-30-2010 10:44 AM
  20. Guru's Avatar
    I got the 16gb. I don't think I'll put any movies on it and all the ones I actually record I can dump onto my desktop. Sadly I don't have much music to put on it yet but with Pandora, I have everything I need. It's plenty of room.
    06-30-2010 11:58 AM
  21. morgantm89's Avatar
    I had the 32gb 3GS and got the 16gb 4. I don't listen to 90% of my music on the phone and half the time its streaming pandora anyway so I had no need for the extra space.
    06-30-2010 01:48 PM
  22. Ariyala's Avatar
    hmmmm, now yall are making me think again!!
    06-30-2010 02:39 PM
  23. BamaSteve's Avatar
    if you're like me, you'll continue to "think again" until you've got it. I've already told the guy to get me a 32, so I figure no turning back now. Hopefully I'll regain most of it whenever I try to sell it.
    06-30-2010 02:43 PM
  24. Ariyala's Avatar
    yeah, i'm just like that. I have all night to think about it, because out of stock or not, I'm getting one tomorrow. I'm thinking 32G black. But then again...... haha
    06-30-2010 06:21 PM
  25. OTACORB's Avatar
    Better to have the space and not need it, then the need it and not have it. Especially with the excellent camera and 720p video. I don't want to be caught short while on a trip being able to take pictures and video.
    06-30-2010 06:25 PM
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