1. rstark18's Avatar
    I bought my iP4 on the 24th and have been very happy with it (going from a 3G) since installing a bumper (can't wait for iSkin case). I went into the My Wireless App to look things over and make sure I still had unlimited data, etc. I see that they switched me over to Unlimited txting for $20 a month. I never authorized this. I called 611 and they credited me back the charge. I suggest everyone look over there plan and make sure it's what you had before the upgrade. Did this happen to anyone else?
    06-28-2010 11:36 AM
  2. azelaya84's Avatar
    Yeah same happened to me but in reverse I got a txt from AT&T that I had gone over my text limit by $50 but I had the unlimited text plan n when I called it wasn't there but they put it on and were able to back date it.
    06-28-2010 01:32 PM
  3. natrixgli's Avatar
    Same here, got bumped from $5/mo plan to the $20/mo plan. AT&T fixed it and credited it back, just glad I noticed it.

    FYI: I posted this yesterday. Perhaps a mod can merge them since it's the same issue. I can't link to it because my post count isn't high enough, but it's topic ID#192724 and the subject starts with "Check your bill"

    06-28-2010 01:55 PM