1. CasinoK1D's Avatar
    Anyone getting the no SIM card installed error? I got my phone on launch day it has worked fine up until today. So far I have gotten 3 "No SIM Card Intsalled" errors. I have been fixing it by doing a reset. Since reading some other forums I found I can toggle the airplane mode on/off and it fixes it. But then it happens again later. Anyone having this issue?
    06-28-2010 01:58 AM
  2. Bakerman's Avatar
    I had it once yesterday. It happened right after I sent an e-mail over Wi-Fi that had been stuck in the outbox. All I have read leads me to believe it is a software glitch.
    06-28-2010 04:24 AM
  3. CasinoK1D's Avatar
    I hope its just a software glitch that gets fixed. I have an appt at the Apple Store today.
    06-28-2010 11:10 AM
  4. cardfan's Avatar

    I posted about this earlier. Had to get sister's phone replaced.
    06-28-2010 11:18 AM
  5. Joletzring's Avatar
    I would take the phone back to the Apple store and demand a replacement. This happened on my wife's iPhone 4 and we got a replacement. Don't think it is a software issue.
    06-28-2010 11:24 AM
  6. CasinoK1D's Avatar
    Ok I just got back from the Apple Store. The Genius there thought it was a software issue that will be addressed with the next update. He did proceed to replace my phone tho. He said he wanted me to walk out happy...LOL. I am happy I just hope I dont get the no sim installed error anymore.
    06-28-2010 01:06 PM
  7. CasinoK1D's Avatar
    I would take the phone back to the Apple store and demand a replacement. This happened on my wife's iPhone 4 and we got a replacement. Don't think it is a software issue.
    Has it happened since you've replaced it?
    06-28-2010 01:07 PM
  8. Joletzring's Avatar
    No...since she replaced the phone (this was on Saturday I believe), she has not gotten the "no sim" error. I am glad the genius rep replaced your phone. I doubt it is a software issue but who knows.
    06-28-2010 01:17 PM
  9. bconley007's Avatar
    i just got this error....i reset the phone and it came back...i will be getting a new phone if i can
    06-28-2010 08:39 PM
  10. dgamer1's Avatar
    I got this error twice today. I went to the apple store and they said they will have a new phone for me in a few days.
    06-28-2010 10:32 PM
  11. mintfresh's Avatar
    Got the error twice while on vacation. Fortunately there was an Apple Store just a couple miles away so I made an appointment right away. When I arrived there the Genius plugged up my phone and it all went downhill. Good thing I backed up my phone before I went because they were not able to recover anything from that point on. They quickly replaced my days old iPhone4 with a new iPhone4.

    I'd suggest bringing the phone in if you have that error message but backup before you do.
    06-28-2010 10:43 PM
  12. bconley007's Avatar
    i made an appt with a Genius for weds 6-30-10...hope for a new iphone if they cant fix mine
    06-28-2010 10:51 PM
  13. CasinoK1D's Avatar

    I still haven't got the error since the replacement. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    06-29-2010 02:39 AM
  14. sleslie's Avatar
    I have had this happen a couple of times as well, but I also have not been able to use Facetime between my wife's iPhone 4 and mine. I did stop by the apple store the other day and they are going to replace them both, but I hadn't backed up since I had activated them.

    My real thought when I was there though: They had 2 phones there that they were willing to swap out with mine to replace them, but I saw a dozen or so people walk in asking about the phone and being told they don't have any.

    So are they just keeping a certain # in stock for replacements or are they just trying to build up the hype by saying they don't have any?
    06-29-2010 07:41 AM
  15. Joletzring's Avatar
    Apple stores keep a certain number of Iphones set aside for replacement units. That is an entirely separate inventory than the phones for new purchasers.
    06-29-2010 08:47 AM
  16. bconley007's Avatar
    i got juked...apple genius told me to get a new sim card from at-t and then try a restore....if that doesnt work then bring it back for a new one....we will see
    06-30-2010 05:12 PM
  17. bconley007's Avatar
    well, a new sim card didnt help and a restore didnt either...so i went back today and apple gave me a new iphone 4, no hassle, sweet!
    07-03-2010 06:11 PM
  18. CasinoK1D's Avatar
    Well 6 days since the replacement and I still havent had a no sim installed error....
    07-03-2010 08:11 PM
  19. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Weird.. just heard about this issue through twitter today and thought it was a relative minor problem. Turns out a decent amount of people are getting. Lucky me, not yet.
    07-04-2010 12:55 AM
  20. OTACORB's Avatar
    Weird.. just heard about this issue through twitter today and thought it was a relative minor problem. Turns out a decent amount of people are getting. Lucky me, not yet.
    I am glad I've not has this issue either. But it does seem to be pretty common, I wonder what the deal is that this is happening with certain phones. Clearly just changing out the sim card isn't fixing it.
    07-04-2010 02:23 AM
  21. jhamilton3's Avatar
    What I don't understand is why it is popping up out of the blue.
    07-04-2010 12:26 PM
  22. BAD13rad's Avatar
    I had this same error since i bought the phone june 24th. It seems to be totally random, as i have had this happen while i wasn't touching the phone, while it was in my pocket, in my hand, and against my face. There are a three things i've found to be temporary fixes:

    1. Re-insert SIM
    2. Toggle Airplane mode (sometimes takes a few tries)
    3. Reboot phone.

    I was getting this at least several times a day and sometimes up to 10x with in an hour or less. I went to AT&T and they suggested i go to apple for service. Apple asked if they had tried swapping the SIM card. I answered yes (although they hadn't but had read elsewhere online that this did not fix the issue) and so they scheduled me for a Genius appointment. They replaced the phone with little ado. I found they only had the bumpers for sale so i went to BestBuy for a case. As i was checking out i found that the "no sim" error reappeared. I reinserted the SIM and also bought a belkin clear vue case. i have had very little reception woes that plagued me before, and no more "no sim" errors since yesterday July 4th. *crosses fingers**
    07-05-2010 01:33 PM
  23. robertpetry's Avatar
    Another victim here. I started getting the "no SIM card" error about 8 hours after I got my iPhone 4. Then it happened 10+ times in the next 12 hours. At first I couldn't get it to read the card with reboots or re-seating the card but I eventually got it to see the card if I pushed back toward the back of the phone a bit while re-inserting the card. Regardless, within 30 seconds to 1 hour it would happen again.

    I went to the ATT store and got a new SIM card. And before I could leave the counter it did it again in front of them. So off to the local Apple store. 30 minutes later and I had a new phone and I have not seen the problem since. And man, I hope I don't see it again.
    07-05-2010 02:38 PM
  24. Alli's Avatar
    I had this problem constantly with my 3GS. I haven't seen it once with my 4 (knock wood).
    07-05-2010 02:51 PM
  25. kbro's Avatar
    I got iPhone 4 on launch day, but did not experience this problem until Jul 9.

    Oddly, it started happening immediately after installing my new Apple bumpers case for the 1st time. Probably a coincidence, but the timing was weird.

    Took SIM card out, and reseated it. Worked for about 10 mins. Then "NO SIM" again. Made Genius appointment at local Apple store that evening, and they replaced it with new iPhone with no hassle.

    No problems since then, but is has only been two days. Finger crossed.
    07-11-2010 09:51 PM