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    Hi guys,

    I'm previously a BB user for the last couple of years and recently upgraded to the Iphone 4G. Initial reaction; the iphone is alot more complicated for simple basic features then the BB. And I hate syncing... why cant we just have drag and drop? music/photos etc.

    I'm currently experiencing a couple of rather annoying issues with emails on my iphone.. prob due to incorrect settings on my part. But after numerous googling havent found a solution.

    ISSUE 1) I have two GMAIL accounts which I'm using on my iphone. the first is for work and the other is for personal use. The work one is also connected to outlook 2003 on my PC.
    Previously with my BB I was able to receive a copy of any email on my my BB and outlook client.

    What I am finding now is whenever I receive a new email, it is initially downloaded on to both platforms. However as soon as I read the email on outlook it will instantly cause the email to disappear on the Iphone...? Regardless if it is read or unread on the Iphone.

    The 2nd GMAIL account isnt connected to any external clients so the email remains firmly on the Iphone.

    I've tried playing with the settings and have also tried setting up the email accounts on the Iphone and OUTLOOK in both POP and IMAP, but always ends in the same result.

    Any ideas?

    ISSUE 2) When I receive an email my phone will vibrate and make a notification sound however no message is displayed on the phone in its lock state. If I unlock the phone the icon for emails will be highlighted but no display is present as in when I receive an SMS.

    Any ideas on how I can display a new email message?

    Thanks in advance.
    06-27-2010 03:42 AM