1. sepehrsh's Avatar
    so when I got home from apple with my iphone 4 and connected it to itunes it asked me if I want to set up a new phone, or restore form a backup.

    whats the difference? is there a right and wrong choice here?
    06-25-2010 12:16 AM
  2. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    its really up to you but i set up as new just to be safe.
    06-25-2010 12:30 AM
  3. eiger's Avatar
    Can someone else elaborate with some more detail to the original question?

    If you are coming from a 3G or 3Gs, what does setting up your phone as new in the menu, differ than restoring from your 3Gs backup?
    06-25-2010 12:55 AM
  4. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    restoring from backup transfers your information onto the new phone like saved game stuff and settings...setting up as new does not do this.

    i came from a JB 3G with iOS4 GM so i wanted to start from scratch but that was my choice.

    like i said its up to you. worst case scenario is if you do it from a backup and it runs funky you just restore it as new.
    06-25-2010 01:08 AM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    I like starting fresh.
    06-25-2010 01:58 AM
  6. minimaxdeal.com's Avatar
    havn't got the phone yet, where did you got your iphone 4?
    06-25-2010 05:04 AM
  7. Alli's Avatar
    I also started fresh after much internal debate. I lost a few games, but I think it was worth it in the end.
    06-25-2010 06:34 AM