1. Airbrushkid's Avatar
    Like the subject says. Tried to downgrade, but where do I find the correct firmware 3.1.3? Spent most of the day messing with this **** and am stuck with iOS4. It does seem to be faster. But I cannot get my music from itunes to go on to the iPhone 3G. It shows it is sync with the itunes but it's not on my phone.
    06-23-2010 10:28 PM
  2. Airbrushkid's Avatar
    Found problem. All's good in iphone land. L8ter
    06-24-2010 02:03 AM
  3. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    Did it work for u??? I need to do the same thing.... what did u do?
    06-24-2010 02:45 AM
  4. Airbrushkid's Avatar
    The phone was fine before with iOS4 installed. Just could not seem to sync or sync my music. I found out why my music wouldn't sync. It was because when I updated iTunes it screwed up my folder where everything was stored. I went looking and found the folder was gone. Had to bring my back up folder and copy to my hard drive. Once I did that I told iTunes where to look and everything was fine.
    06-24-2010 03:00 AM
  5. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    but were u able to go back to 313?
    06-24-2010 03:09 AM
  6. Airbrushkid's Avatar
    No. I could not find the right 3.1.3 for my phone. I found a 3.1.3 and tried to restore but it said it was the wrong one for my phone.
    06-24-2010 03:28 AM
  7. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    yea i thought u figured it out... this sucks!
    06-24-2010 03:31 AM