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    Some iPhone 4s Experiencing Display Discoloration?

    A number of readers in our forum have discovered that their iPhone 4s arriving today are exhibiting areas of brown or yellow discoloration on the highly-touted Retina display. Users in Apple's own discussion forums are also beginning to notice the problem.

    At least one user paid a visit to the Genius Bar at his local Apple retail store but was told that there are no replacement units available at the moment. Given the iPhone 4 shortages, it may be some time until affected users can obtain replacements.

    The prevalence of the issue is unknown at this time, but there are a significant number of users reporting experiencing it on their phones.
    Some iPhone 4s Experiencing Display Discoloration? - Mac Rumors
    06-23-2010 03:48 PM
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    Typical Apple, hardware issues with a new release. Granted a lot of companies have the same issues with phone build quality, but Apple takes the cake since their name is currently the biggest.
    06-23-2010 03:50 PM