1. nabild's Avatar
    Am I the only one who's having this problem? -- I'm not even sure if it's considered a problem...but it is taking hours for iOS 4 to install... "Backing up iPhone"... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    06-23-2010 04:21 AM
  2. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    If it's been a long time since your last back up, that will add to the time required.
    06-23-2010 05:48 AM
  3. mcdan333#AC's Avatar
    Had the same problem with my 3g update. I gave up after the backup progress bar hadn't moved at all in an hour. I did a restore as new, and the whole thing took about 10 minutes after that. Of course I had to reinstall apps and everything after that, but sometimes it's good to clean out the cobwebs and get a fresh start.
    06-23-2010 12:07 PM
  4. pkang's Avatar
    it only took about 10 minutes on my gf's
    06-23-2010 12:08 PM
  5. iquinn's Avatar
    Wow, all these people having issues with IOS 4, I was done in about 15 minutes start to finish and my GF who is on a very old Windows machine was done in 20.
    06-23-2010 12:10 PM