1. pclement's Avatar
    Tried to update my iPhone 3GS last night (7:00 pm GMT) and it failed part way through - no idea why (using Windows 7 PC). Now it is stuck in recovery mode - going to Cardiff Apple Store today Genius bar appointment to sort it (hopefully).
    06-22-2010 03:44 AM
  2. pclement's Avatar
    Sorted - Apple guy did an Engineers reset to Phone so it was recognised in iTunes and then updated it to IOS 4. Now doing a restore from backup and syncing all my stuff.........
    He said it was probably down to so many people hitting servers to update to IOS 4 that some sort of corruption occured during download/install - he expects a few people in today with similar issues
    Lesson.....wait a few days before upgrading
    06-22-2010 07:35 AM