1. MUTigers's Avatar
    Hello everyone just curious as to what steps I should consider when selling my iPhone 3GS to an individual (getting an iPhone4). Do I need to plug the phone back into iTunes after de-activation to do a complete restore? Also what other steps, if any do I need to complete? This gentleman is asking $300 for the phone...
    06-21-2010 04:42 PM
  2. morgantm89's Avatar
    Complete restore, pull the SIM.
    06-21-2010 05:33 PM
  3. alexradu's Avatar
    I'm looking at selling my 3GS as well. Whether I can upgrade to the iPhone 4 or not will depend on how much I can get for the 3GS as we as whether Rogers decides to make any exception or hardware upgrades like AT&T did.

    But... it's not coming to Canada for (probably) at least another month anyway so I have some time to figure it out.

    @Mizzoufan Out of curiosity was the iPhone you're selling jailbroken or unlocked? Please let us know if you encounter any problems restoring and selling your 3GS that may apply to others in the same situation!
    06-21-2010 05:49 PM
  4. Dionte's Avatar
    Has anyone used full circle wireless? they claim to be giving 315 for the 3gs 32 gig

    Sell Your Used Cell Phone
    06-21-2010 06:16 PM
  5. gfenn11's Avatar
    settings- General- reset- erase all content and settings.
    06-21-2010 06:28 PM
  6. MUTigers's Avatar
    Nope it's not unlocked and it's not jailbroken either. I'm hoping they will pull the sim at the apple store but I guess I'll find out. Ya I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the replies. I'm kinda liking this 4.0 firmware now though...so fast
    06-21-2010 06:43 PM