1. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Well, I just got this. But what exactly does it update? Anyone know?
    06-18-2010 11:29 PM
  2. Jellotime91's Avatar
    I didn't get it :S

    No idea what it does.
    Maybe it helps with their account app in retrieving info, it doesn't work for a lot of people.
    06-19-2010 01:03 AM
  3. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Hmm. For me my account never worked with any of the os 4 betas. But has worked fine for the gm seed. And ya. I don't know what it does. But I just got a notification on my iPhone and let me download it ota and install it so ya.
    06-19-2010 01:18 AM
  4. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Oh. Also. I just checked the my account app and it is down for maintenance until 6am. New features perhaps?
    06-19-2010 01:24 AM
  5. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Wouldn't know, I've never been able to login to the app. Maybe it's because I'm not the primary user, but we aren't on a family plan so I don't get the confusion...
    06-19-2010 02:19 AM
  6. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Hmm weird. Well. It is a very useful app. I am checking now to see if they added any features or if its just server side maintenance.
    06-19-2010 09:00 AM
  7. brandendae's Avatar
    Interesting article talking about the over the air carrier update you received using iOS4. I remember Rene mentioning getting one but wasn't sure if it was just Apple flirting with OTA updates.

    Code in iOS4 pings Apple and carrier to look at what baseband you're using every 7-14 days to send out an OTA update. Apparently can tell if you're JB, also send out mandatory OTA updates that if declined in any way will shut off your service! Sounds like it's already in play! True or not, I thought it was worth the read to you guys/gals.

    Quote from article:
    "As far as Base Bands go it does not matter what baseband you TRY to get on the iPhone cause in the iOS4 there is a line of code we wrote that stands for OAU also known as “Over Air Updates”. How it works is every 7 to 14 days We (Apple) and AT&T send a message to your iPhone that gathers some data from your iPhone without you knowing and we see what is running, baseband and firmware. We then send a following message. “There are optional updates for your iPhone, Would you like to install them now?” two options “Yes” or “Later”. Those are what would would call “OPTIONAL UPDATES” Now there are things called “MANDATORY UPDATES”. They tend to work the same way, grab data from the iPhones sends it to AT&T and us then back to your iPhone with the message, “Your iPhone (name of iphone) must be updated to the current AT&T standards to run”, your only option is to “Accept” Now you can try to work your way around it until you get the second mandatory message again “You must plug iPhone into iTunes and update” If you don’t do this you will then receive no Signal from the network anymore and your iPhone will potentially lock up with no signs of use until you update your iPhone via iTunes. You all agreed to this terms and condition when you installed iTunes 9.2 and then again once you updated to iOS4."

    Since this is my first post, I can't post the link but it can be found at addictivetips dot com under the story: Leaked: Apple Stealing All FaceTime Information, AT&T Locks Users via OTA Updates.
    06-25-2010 12:55 PM
  8. big9erfan's Avatar
    Branden Dae,

    You can stop posting the same stuff.
    06-25-2010 01:10 PM
  9. brandendae's Avatar
    Thank you big9erfan for the replies. Sorry for the double post, upon deeper searching, I found the one other post. Thanks again!
    06-25-2010 01:14 PM