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    I was just sitting and thinking that AT&T will push all new customers to the front of the processing line to make sure they get their iPhone 4s on launch day.

    My logic is that as a new customer my billing cycle doesn't start until I get my phone (maybe not even until I activate).

    All the existing AT&T customers that pre-ordered will be paying for service whether their iPhone 4 (Upgrade) is delivered on June 24th or July 14th.

    It just makes more sense from a business standpoint and yes that is very shady business practice to promise first come first serve and not deliver but when have major corporations not been shady?

    If anyone has any comments or arguments lets hear them.
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    Paranoid much? I'd argue that customer loyalty is just as important as impressing a new customer who already expects to stand in a long line on launch week.
    06-17-2010 04:31 PM
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    lol not paranoid, customer loyalty is important but the 375 ETF is a nice deterrent for anyone who feels mistreated wanting to leave.

    AT&T doesnt get a dime out of anyone that signed a new contract for the iPhone 4 until that customer actually gets the phone.

    whereas all the existing customers will have to pay anyway.

    that decision alone would be worth millions of dollars in service fees for AT&T

    Edit: im a new customer and i didnt expect to stand in line on launch day i pre-ordered at 8am ET on the 15th just saying AT&T will make more money that way. As we all know its all about the MONEY!
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    First come, first serve. No matter if you reserved, pre-ordered or what. If you proscrasinate, too bad. I think the only guarantee is if you paid for it, got the funds removed and a tracking/order number.
    06-17-2010 04:42 PM
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    @ghostface yeah sorry i didnt specify i meant amoung the people that already paid.
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