1. pastordavidnorman's Avatar
    So I'm finally jumping ship. I'm a longtime Sprint / Blackberry user, but I knew that this summer I'd be moving on. I considered the Evo, but when I discovered (actually was told by someone on these forums) that I could pull off a comparable rate for my wife and I, I knew that the iPhone 4 was in my future.

    My question is this:
    Can I preorder the iPhone4 with a new service contract w/ AT&T but the contract not kick in until the phone is shipped? I don't want to lose service with Sprint until I actually have my new phone in hand.

    And with that in mind, would it be a better option to pre-order through apple or at the AT&T store?

    I appreciate your patience if this has been answered elsewhere, and I'm looking forward to eating at the cool kids' table when I have the new iPhone4
    06-14-2010 07:34 PM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    If ur porting ur numbers over it won't be complete until u activate ur new iPhones. And since it's u and ur wife I'm guessing ur gonna get a family plan so you're best bet is doing everything thru AT&T. Good luck and welcome
    06-14-2010 08:12 PM
  3. nmoreman's Avatar
    I just did the same yesterday, been with Sprint for 12 years, but moved office into Roam area that just doesn't connect with Pre.
    The straw that broke my back was 3 friends in office during storm (I had no service), they chatted and emailed away.
    So loyalty is one thing, service requirements are another and my change means an opportunity.

    I was told that phone on Sprint will work until IPhone plugged in for activation, whenever that might be, but I ordered thru Corporate Store, as a newby, so I can find the same person again if needed.

    Good luck, and no, I am not going on PreCentral and writing a letter of goodby
    06-16-2010 09:07 AM