1. phearxxx#WN's Avatar
    I just got my HTC Evo and am enjoying this phone so much. But I still would like to have an iphone. My only problem is I live in New York, and have heard that At&t has horrible reception and coverage here. The only two things that were keeping me from getting an iphone before was the cost, and the reception. I just got a job working at Radioshack and will only have to pay $50 dollars a month for a plan on At&t, so now my only question is for the reception.

    Anyone living in New York experience a lot of dropped calls or issues surfing the web?

    (Not trying to start a thread on which phone is better, just asking about reception.)
    06-13-2010 01:29 AM
  2. patcom8's Avatar
    I've had At&t for over 10 years, went from at&t to cingular back to at&t... the service once the iphone 3G came out got pretty bad. I work in NYC 2 blocks north of times square and even though it says i have full 3G service I basically cant make a 3 min phone call without dropping service/call. Even at my home on long Island i experience WAYY too many dropped calls to be acceptable. Verizon has a much superior PHONE service but AT&T's data ability takes the cake. I've stuck with them for this long and truthfully the iphone is still worth it. I had a blackberry before i had my iphone, i loved it and i thought it changed my life having it. My life wasnt truly changed till i had the iphone. So even though the service is bad... ill keep at&t...
    06-13-2010 02:19 AM
  3. phearxxx#WN's Avatar
    Is it really so bad you can't make a 3 minute phone call? Because if so that's pretty intense.
    06-13-2010 02:28 AM
  4. phearxxx#WN's Avatar

    Anyone else in new york?
    06-13-2010 12:04 PM
  5. Kingsley's Avatar
    What part of New York are you asking about? I live on Long Island in central Nassau County and get decent coverage except for the north and south shore of Long Island near Mill Neck, Upper Brookville, Old Westbury and some spots of Rockville
    Centre. I will get one or two dropped calls during the day but that is mostly in my house which has been a dead zone to every carrier except Verizon since I moved here 6 years ago.
    06-13-2010 02:26 PM
  6. phearxxx#WN's Avatar
    Queens and manhattan, but New York in general because I tend to take the subway a lot.
    06-13-2010 02:29 PM
  7. Eric8199's Avatar
    My wife and I stayed in NYC for a week last month. I had no trouble with my 3GS. Service isn't always the best deep in some buildings, but I rarely was without service. I was happy. Dowtown leaves something to be desired though. Around wall street was hit and miss. Everywhere else, good to go.
    06-13-2010 11:19 PM
  8. Thudstaff's Avatar
    Not in NY but interested in this thread nonetheless.

    I realize it's speculation at this point, but is there any reason to believe that reception will be better with the new iPhone based on the configuration of the antenna? I'm in Chicago and data is really good but phone calls absolutely blow on my 3GS.
    06-14-2010 12:06 AM
  9. phearxxx#WN's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm hoping this new antenna fixes some reception issues. Thanks for the info. eric. Anyone else from Queens NY?
    06-14-2010 12:16 AM
  10. phearxxx#WN's Avatar
    bump anyone else?
    06-14-2010 02:09 PM
  11. BLiNK's Avatar
    maybe you should try exercising the 30 day trial
    06-14-2010 02:19 PM