1. kdstegh's Avatar
    I know the new iPhone won't be a game changing differentiator between it and the 3GS, I know my 3GS will make calls just a well as the new model, I know I should be looking to drop another double hundie on another gadget.....but it doesn't matter.

    I WANT ONE. there. I said it out loud. Now when my wife is shocked that I bought another one, I can say all you nice folks helped me think through it, and WE all came to the same conclusion

    So here's my question for all of you; how are you going to justify getting the new one when there is (and you know this is true...) absolutely NOTHING wrong with the one you have?
    06-04-2010 10:08 PM
  2. rwn's Avatar
    Because i don't have an Iphone at all yet. i have an ipod touch 2g.
    06-05-2010 07:44 AM
  3. celine#IM's Avatar
    My justification will be "just because," I mean c'mon! This is the new iPhone, it needs no justification! I love to be hands-on with the newest gadgets and technology(when finances permit :P), it's almost like being updated on current world events.

    My credit card may ask for justification, but hey! It's a good price to pay for happiness!
    06-05-2010 10:02 AM
  4. iquinn's Avatar
    New Apple product is the only justification that I need. Heck if they made underpants I would buy those. Why you ask? Because Steve said so.
    06-05-2010 05:00 PM