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    Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date: Possible new iPhone launch at WWDC 2010
    June 4th, 2010 | Add a Comment

    The launch of iPhone 4G is just around the corner now as Apple’s Steve is widely expected to take the stage to launch the next-generation iPhone or iPhone 4G on Monday to kick-start the Worldwide Developers’ Conference. He is also expected to talk about the new features comes with iPhone 4G and spend some time talking about the iPhone 4.0 features.

    Google recently launched the Android 2.2 during the conference last month. The new features of Google phone triggered an iPhone user to send an email directly Steve Jobs. Jobs, who rarely respond to emails, replied with the words that “You won’t be disappointed” with the announcements during the WWDC 2010.
    Meanwhile AT&T announced this week that the company is limiting on the data download per month for iPhone plan. AT&T introduced new plan of $15 which have 200MB limit every month. If the customer goes over limit, he/she will be charged extra $15 for over 200MB limit.

    Meanwhile, Spokesman for Verizon told to Beet.tv that Verizon iPhone is not coming in the immediate future. However, there was another report out last week from street.com that Verizon and Apple are negotiating to launch CDMA iPhone before Christmas.

    Source: Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date: Possible new iPhone launch at WWDC 2010 | OnlineFounders.com
    What do u guys think??
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    Not a chance!!
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    God I am so sick of people using these hideous, cheap, unrealistic mockups. It makes me physically ill at this point!
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