1. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    I have a iPhone 3G already on pay as u go 02. Today I got a 3GS contract with orange as im sick of the slow speeds on 3G.
    I am now thinking that should i have maybe waited and got the new iPhone 4G/HD? How long will that be? and im now in a 24 month contract....
    Is the OS4 update gona be worth holding back on my jailbreak for as i have my 3g jb with redsnow and want to jb my new 3gs with spirit but i will hold of if OS4 is worth it?
    and how long till a jailbreak for OS4???
    so many questions. Sorry for the over load but if anyone can help with any of these questions that would be great.
    05-18-2010 05:12 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    Nobody knows how long it will take for a jailbreak, but as there have already been proof of concept jailbreaks, I don't expect that it will take long after 4.0 is out.

    I'm not sure what you mean, "is it going to be worth it". My take on it, is that Apple still doesn't expose enough functionality and requires jailbreaking, for some 4.0 will make jailbreaking obsolete.

    With the release of the new phone approximately a month away, I'm surprised you decided to go ahead and ugrade to the 3GS. I've been telling my girlfriend to hold off since November.
    05-18-2010 05:58 PM
  3. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    Thanks that answers a few questions. appreciate your time.
    05-18-2010 06:05 PM
  4. Jellotime91's Avatar
    You should still be able to return it... Honestly, I'd personally advise that you do.
    05-18-2010 06:28 PM
  5. websyndicate's Avatar
    you are close but at the end of the day do you need a phone adn how bad? if you do well get one. There will be a new iphone next year and the year after that and the year after that.
    05-19-2010 05:40 AM
  6. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    ok thanks for your input guys. any idea if 3gs owners will get the discount on upgrading rather than buying outright?
    05-19-2010 07:24 AM